Deliverance– Lesson #22




Called unto liberty – Deliverance – the plan God gave for all men and woman to be free.

The underlying message of the gospel, the one that shakes the iron grip of death and suffering off of men of every generation is that Christ Jesus came to set us free from sin and death and the terrorism of the devil.

To be free then, from the effects of sin and the devil, is a guaranteed promise and reality of those that have put their faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

Here is the silver cord of truth weaving through the testaments that declares our liberty that Christ has purchased for us.


A.     Heavenly calling.  Read Hebrews 3:1

B.     High calling.   Read Philippians 3:14

C.     An Holy calling 2 Timothy 1:9

D.     Give diligence to make your calling sure.  2 Peter 1:10

2.      The right to be free.

A.      Ye have been called unto liberty.  Galatians. 5:13

B.      Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.   I Thessalonians. 5:24

C.     The glorious liberty of the children of God.  Romans 8:21.

D.     At that time, thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book. Daniel12:2,  Luke 10:20.

1.   Examples – Luke 13:16 Whom satan hath bound.

2.   Who is a daughter of Abraham?  Galatians. 3:7, 29

3.      The source of our liberty.

A.   Galatians. 5:1 The liberty wherewith Christ hath made me free.

1.   Galatians. 2:4.  Those who would bring us unto bondage.

2.   John 8:36 – If the son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

3.   John 8:32:  Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

4.   John 17:17 – Your word is truth.

5.   John 14:6 I am the way the truth and the life.

4.      The price of our liberty

A.     Galatians. 1:4 – Jesus Christ gave Himself for our sins that he might deliver us.

B.     Hebrews 2:14 – That through death He (Jesus) might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil

C.     Verse 15 – And release those who through the fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

D.     Philippians 2:7-8

1.   Incarnation =  God came to earth in bodily form in Jesus Christ.

2.   Crucifixion =  God died for the sins of the world and to break the power of the devil over His creations.

5.      The purpose of our liberty.

A.    Galatians. 5:13 – By love serve one another

B.    To serve God…

1.   I Peter 2:16 – free as bond servants of God.

2.   Luke 1:74-75.

C.   To serve our fellow man.  I Corinthians 9:19 – This liberty is a stewardship.

1.   Luke 4:38 & 39 – Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law of a sickness.

2.   Luke 8:1-2 – Mary Magdalene delivered of seven devils.

6.      The danger of our liberty.

A.    Galatians. 5:13 – Use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh

B.    2 Peter 2:19 – abuse of freedom: using the license of freedom to sin.

7.      The enemy of our liberty – satan.

A.     Galatians. 5:7-8 – who did hinder you.

B.     Some of his tactics:

1.   He hinders – Galatians. 5:7; I Thessalonians. 2:18.

2.   He sends trouble – Galatians. 5:10, 12.

3.   He attempts to take us captive – Galatians. 5:1; 2:4.

4.   He deceives –

a.         Galatians 3:1 – (Bewitch) to keep us from obeying the truth.

b.         Acts 8:9-11

c.         Revelation 12:9-11

d.         Revelation 12:16

8.      The loss of our liberty.

A.     Galatians. 5:1 – Be not entangled (burdened) again with the yoke of bondage (slavery).

B.     Matthew 12:43-45

1.   The need to be free

2.   The need to be filled.

3.   The ability to lose our freedom.

C.     II Peter 2:19-21 – To be overcome and be in greater bondage than when we started.

9.      The defense of our liberty.

A.     Galatians. 5:1 – Stand fast in liberty.

B.     Ephesians. 6:11 – Stand against the wiles of the devil.

C.     Resist – James 4:7

1.   Submit to God.

2.   Resist the devil.

3.   He will flee.

D.     I Peter 5:8-9 – Resist him  steadfast in the truth.

10.   The agent of our liberty – the Holy spirit

A.     II Corinthians. 3:17 – Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

B.     Isaiah. 10:27 – the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

C.     Isaiah 58:6 – Fasting – to release anointing.

D.     Luke 4:18. Spirit of the Lord is upon me to set men free!

E.     Matthew 12:28 – Cast out demons by the Spirit of God.

F.      Acts 10:30 – Jesus was anointed to heal those who were oppressed by the devil.



1.     What are the three callings?    ______________________________

2.    What is the price of our liberty?

1.   2. 

3.    What is the purpose of our liberty?

1.  2.        3. 

4.    In Luke 4:18 what was Jesus anointed to do?






5.    List some of satan’s tactics:  

6.    _________________ is the source of our liberty, therefore can we lose it?  Yes__   No __


7.    What must we do to be a child of Abraham’s?  

8.    How can we misuse our freedom? 

9.    When satan hinders and uses his tactics on us, what are the three things the Bible teaches we can do?

1.  ___2.  ____ 3.

10.  What is destroyed by the anointing?      

11.  Can satan captivate a Christian?           YES               NO

If yes, give example: 

13.  What are some areas in your life that satan has hindered? 


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"That the Kingdom of God will rule ,with power, on earth as it rules in Heaven." My life time quest. G.W. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Rev. George Watkins pastored Christian Life World Outreach and Training Center in Mount Vernon, Washington for 29 years. He is director of George Watkins Ministries a.k.a. WORLDNet Ministries and has ministered through radio broadcasting, audio tape ministry, and a correspondence Bible course reaching into many countries of the world. Ministry teams have traveled with him to over twenty nations, working with local missionaries to establish churches, and conduct crusades and pastors’ seminars. George Watkins has authored several books: Women in Today’s Church, a scriptural insight into God’s intentions for both men and women to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Five Key Secrets to Long Life and Divine Health concerning God’s supernatural protection and promises to those who obey Him; and Staying Free, a mini-book used as a guide to maintaining freedom once delivered from the bondages of satan; Ask The Boy: stories through the eyes of those who were healed by the hands of Jesus. The Wisest Man I Have Ever Known: stories and parables teaching the truths of God’s word, as well as other teaching manuals. George Watkins has been active in the ministry for many years. He has a strong ministry to the local church as a seasoned veteran with his rich background as a pastor and evangelist. Many churches draw from his experience and consider him to be an integral part of their own ministries. His ministry is a blend of humor and straight forward teaching based on the belief that God means what He says, that His Word applies to our everyday, practical lives, and that it has power to make us whole in mind, body and soul. Rev. Watkins believes that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be used by every believer. He believes that using these spiritual tools will bring freedom to those in bondage. Rev. Watkins believes this is the age of the supernatural and will prove to be the Church’s finest hour. His vision is to equip the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations. He has a unique ability to challenge the hearer to “sell out” to God, by faith, to fulfill God’s personal plan for your destiny. George and Arlis live in Mount Vernon, WA and are the parents of three adult children: Tony, Tiffany and Corbin.
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