Binding and Looseing

Question #2             Binding and Looseing

What is the right interpretation of binding and loosening? Some believe we are not to bind/loose spirit beings but that bind/loosing was referring to legal matters of sealing some issue in prayerful agreement. Really!

My Response; Remember the master key verse in the New Testement that give us the reason that Jesus came to earth. 1 John 3:8

“The reason the Son of God was made manifest was to undo (destroy,loosen and dissolve) the works the devil [has done] amp

Binding and Loosing


Who’s in charge, Who has the authority, Who’s running the show?

The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that of the Kingdom of God is one of redemption, reconciliation and restoration.

We have been redeemed from the grip and authority of the enemy.

We have been reconciled back to favor with our Heaven Father.

We have been restored back to the original proposes and plans that God had for us from the beginning.

Paul said in Eph 1:9 “ having made known unto us the mystery of His will”. He continues on in the next few verses describing just what God’s will is for us who receive and believe.

Vs: 10 unify all things in Christ.

Vs: 11 we are God’s heritage, and we have an inheritance for we have been foreordained in accordance with His purposes.

Vs: 18 Paul prays for us that our spiritual eyes be opened so that we may understand the hope to which He has called us and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints.

Vs: 19 He continues his prayer,” that you can know what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe”.

Vs: 20-23

Paul goes on to show us how that God has risen up Jesus by His power, and gave Him authority over everything with a name, both in heaven and earth. God made Him head of the body then filled the body with the same power and authority that the head received.

Then in Eph 2 Paul continues the unfolding of the mystery that God gave him. The revelation of restoration back to God’s purposes and will for us who believe.

He has made us alive, raised us up from the grave and has made us to set in a place of authority with Jesus.

We are seated with Him that we might rule with Him. Not only in the future to come but also in this present time.

The importance of this revelation that Paul give us is to show who is in charge and where that authority come from.

2. This has everything to do with binding and loosening because we are dealing with authority, who has it and doesn’t have it.

What did Jesus have to say about authority?

Isa 22:22

When a key is used in scripture it represents authority. The one who has the key has the ability to go into the house. God gave Jesus the keys to go in.

Luke 4: 18

This describes the authority and dominion that Jesus walked in.

Matt 28:18-19

All power has been given unto me. Now you go and make disciples of the nations.

This shows the authority transfer from the head to the body.

Mark 16: 15-20

This shows the command that Christ gave to us to walk in His authority.

3. Hers a picture of Kingdom authority in action.

Matt 8:5-10

“I say to one go and he goes and to another come and he comes”.

4. The history of authority.

God originates authority,

God gave Adam authority and dominion,

Adam gave his authority to Lucifer through sin,

Jesus took back that authority at the cross and resurrection,

Jesus gave authority back to the believer at Pentecost.

II           Now to the subject of Binding and Loosening.

The two verses that refer to “binding and loosening” are found in the book of Matt.

Matt 16:19 & 18:18

A.   Matt 16:19

I give you the keys to the Kingdom. Here is the authority that you have been given to deal with kingdom business.

1.   Whatever you bind on earth must have already been bound in heaven.

Now remember Matt 6: “ thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”.

Don’t think of Heaven as a place( I’m not saying it”s not a place) think of Heaven as a Kingdom, with a king who has a will with laws and with a purpose.

2.   So according to Matt 16 & 19 you can bind and loose those things in the spiritual (evil spirits) world and in the natural world (sickness, finances, ect), if you know what is already bond and loosed in heaven.

a.    If you know the laws of the Kingdom then you can “ bind and loose”.

b.   I John 5:14

“Ask according to His will and you will receive it”.

3.The Word of God is the laws of the Kingdom.

By His word we know that sickness can be healed, devils

casted out and miracles take place. We know this because, according to His word, it has already been done in Heaven.

In God’s Kingdom, God’s world, God’s law.

III    How Big is your Revelation of God and His Kingdom?

1.   The question then “what can we bind or loose” has to do with your revelation or understanding of God and His Kingdom and how big your faith is. Remember there are no limits in the Kingdom of God.

2.   Some believe for a slice of bread while others can conceive that God could give them a whole loaf of bread.

3.   What makes the difference? It’s how you see or conceive God the Father. Does He love you or is He mad at you? 2 Kings 7: the elder said if God would make windows in heaven could this these thing be. The prophet told him that he would see it but not eat it. This mans god was not big enough to provide a miracle and supply his need. Elisha’s God was.

4.   When we bind and cast out an evil spirit from a person we do it because we know and believe that it has already been done in Heaven. While some have faith to cast spirits out of a person others may have faith to cast them out a nation.    “ According to your faith, so be it unto you”.

IV       My Encouragement to you.

In this kingdom, The Kingdom of God, you can go as far as you      can see. Let your revelation of God and His Kingdom increase so that you see so far down the road that it will scare both you and your friends around you. Then you will know that you are seeing through the eyes of God.

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"That the Kingdom of God will rule ,with power, on earth as it rules in Heaven." My life time quest. G.W. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Rev. George Watkins pastored Christian Life World Outreach and Training Center in Mount Vernon, Washington for 29 years. He is director of George Watkins Ministries a.k.a. WORLDNet Ministries and has ministered through radio broadcasting, audio tape ministry, and a correspondence Bible course reaching into many countries of the world. Ministry teams have traveled with him to over twenty nations, working with local missionaries to establish churches, and conduct crusades and pastors’ seminars. George Watkins has authored several books: Women in Today’s Church, a scriptural insight into God’s intentions for both men and women to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Five Key Secrets to Long Life and Divine Health concerning God’s supernatural protection and promises to those who obey Him; and Staying Free, a mini-book used as a guide to maintaining freedom once delivered from the bondages of satan; Ask The Boy: stories through the eyes of those who were healed by the hands of Jesus. The Wisest Man I Have Ever Known: stories and parables teaching the truths of God’s word, as well as other teaching manuals. George Watkins has been active in the ministry for many years. He has a strong ministry to the local church as a seasoned veteran with his rich background as a pastor and evangelist. Many churches draw from his experience and consider him to be an integral part of their own ministries. His ministry is a blend of humor and straight forward teaching based on the belief that God means what He says, that His Word applies to our everyday, practical lives, and that it has power to make us whole in mind, body and soul. Rev. Watkins believes that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be used by every believer. He believes that using these spiritual tools will bring freedom to those in bondage. Rev. Watkins believes this is the age of the supernatural and will prove to be the Church’s finest hour. His vision is to equip the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, making disciples of all nations. He has a unique ability to challenge the hearer to “sell out” to God, by faith, to fulfill God’s personal plan for your destiny. George and Arlis live in Mount Vernon, WA and are the parents of three adult children: Tony, Tiffany and Corbin.
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